About Me

Amateur doodlist. Scatterbrain constantly adrift in his own little fantasy world. Spiritual vagabond. Fatuous pauper.

What else is there to say about myself that hasn't been said in a hurtful YouTube comment already? My name is Damian, and I am a gloomy sort who occasionally draws. I spend much of my free time reading comics, playing video games, or listening to music - nerdly pursuits are my bread and butter. Music is a passion, and when given the opportunity, I prefer to work with headphones on - my personal selection is an eclectic mix, covering such diverse bases as rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, dubstep, electroswing, folk rock, opera, and chiptunes.

I swordfight recreationally, and I will fight you.

Personal interests include: linguistics, semiotics, computer science, programming, game theory, martial arts, demonology, the occult, transhumanism, wordplay, philosophy, comic books, and board games. You know, nerd stuff.

About My Art

Nominally this is an art site. I really hope that's why you're here or you've made some sort of grave mistake in navigating the Internet.

I enjoy traditional media, namely pencil and ink; when inking, I tend to favor hard brush pens, with Pigma Micron technical pens or cheap ballpoints for accents and details. When I color traditionally, it's typically through Copic markers.
My paintings are generally done digitally (and I will sometimes stream the painting sessions on Twitch for those interested); I use a copy of Photoshop Creative Cloud with a set of custom brushes and actions from Painting Digitally, courtesy of Robert Ardill, with a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.
Generally speaking, I enjoy painting pieces that are either dark in composition or dark in tone; scenes of intense action, moonlit landscapes, and elements of the macabre are favorites. This said, however, I also like to draw animals - dogs especially. Figures in dynamic poses, compositions with a striking flow, a strong sense of movement, and bold, flowing brushwork are what I strive for in my pieces whenever possible.

My inspirations include, among others: Beksinski, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Doré, and Mucha; Yusuke Murata, Kentaro Miura, Takehiko Inoue, Horikoshi Kouhei, and Hirohiko Araki; Lamb of God, The Sword, Caravan Palace, The Heavy, and Nine Inch Nails; the Game Grumps, the McElroy Brothers, and my many friends of similarly bohemian artistic bent who have pushed me on this far.

About Nowhere Land

This is a little coding exercise of a site that I put together to hone my coding skills, have a decent place to put my artwork that wasn't deviantArt, and keep me from having to use WordPress.

It updates sporadically, often with no warning, and typically with at least one or two little code hiccups when it does so.

Typically anything I do will end up in the Portfolio gallery, most recent works first; obviously, you can visit the Contact page to find other, more suitable ways of following me and my work in more-or-less real time on various social media platforms. If you like what I do and want a piece of it for yourself, I am typically open to Commissions, and any requests for more long-term work can be put through my Official Business email!