Damian Holter

Art Guy

So you stumbled upon my cobwebbed and disused corner of the internet, and you said to yourself, "Sure, he can scream obscenities into the void and drip ink on a page until it blots into something vaguely recognizable, but how can I get involved in that?"

Well, my very odd friend, you're in luck! I have an active internet presence, by which I mean I am a hopeless addict to cyberspace and have difficulty tearing myself away from my computer. Below you'll find a number of venues by which I can be contacted-- there's my email address (or, if you need to speak about official money-related matters, the Official Business line, as well as a somewhat active Twitter and Instagram account. Once in a blue moon I remember to update my Tumblr, though it's mostly sketches and fanart, and from time to time I stream digital paintings on Twitch!

If you want a piece of the pie for yourself, you can also throw money at me and tell me to draw for you. I respond well to money.
All the money.
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